About Us

Our Mission


 We are passionate about helping with the emotional challenges of carers and our goal is to provide solutions that will create inner peace, confidence and the ability to deal with challenges both in the workplace and in the home environment. 

Our Founder Sylvia Stock -


 Has her own experience as a carer for her husband who was diagnosed with Young Alzheimer's Disease in 2010. Her background in Nursing and Nurse counselling, Care Management, Accredited Master Coaching and deep spiritual beliefs could not fully prepare her for the journey. This triggered the development of coaching programs for both professional and home based carers. 

Co-Director Angela Stubbs



Attained her childhood dream of taking up Nursing as a career including Nursing Homes and Community. Time out to bring her two sons, followed with Holistic Health Practitioner Career and Accredited Master Coaching which lead to meeting Sylvia and joining Carers Coaching Academy as Co-director and assisting with the coaching programs development. 

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