Carers Coaching with P2C Recruitment

Recruiting Carers - Offering a Kick Start to Their Career

Carers Coaching Academy are partners with a forward thinking Recruitment Company who operate from the heart along with a great Business Ethic

Why Coaching for carers?

Emotions run high in the caring arena and that will include Professional Carers. Our promise to you is to offer Master Induction Coaching that generates carers who are 

  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Committed

From 2017 Alzheimer's Show


"Iv'e not seen anything like this before. Can you help us?"

" The Care Industry SO needs this. Carers need to face and deal with their own emotions to better perform in the workplace!"


Our Courses are designed by Accredited Master Coaches and presented in a systemised format on a secure training platform

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